Shiny macrame lurex cord

Are you looking for something a little more special to macramé the perfect gift for someone?

Perhaps you are looking to work on fiddlier projects and need a smaller gauge…

Our shiny lurex cord provides a little bit of sparkle to make your projects shine. The mix of materials used gives the cord an eye-catching, glitter aesthetic that provides a beautiful finish.

The smaller thickness makes it ideal for a range of intricate projects such as jewelry and fashion accessories which we have outlined below. Beginners may find it a little trickier to work with but for a seasoned macramé crafter, our lurex metallic cord is a must-have item to add to your craft bag.

What is a lurex cord?

Our lurex cord is a luxury cord fashioned with lurex threads within. Lurex is a kind of yarn that features a synthetic film that has a vaporized layer of metallic aluminum, silver, or gold added to it. The film catches the light and makes it sparkle.

It makes for stunning macramé pieces, popular for children’s items, home decor, and wearable items.

The material 

Our lurex cord is made with 75% recycled cotton because we are sustainability conscious. The remaining 25% is composed of polyester and a metallic polyester thread which is where the glittering effect comes from. The metal is vaporized onto the thread itself to make it shine as it catches the sunlight. 

The high cotton content keeps the cord easy to macramé with and soft to use with your hands. It is surprisingly strong but super flexible, perfect for tying knots.

MerriWoolArt luxury lurex cord contains no harmful materials or dyes and is OEKO-TEX certified.

The size and colors

The lurex we have on offer is 2mm in thickness and comes in 225-meter lengths. You will have plenty to get to work on. It is available in over 15 colors each as pretty as the next, so get creative and explore colors that genuinely shine.

Shiny macrame lurex cord projects

You can make a range of projects with this type of cord, its smaller size means some fiddlier handiwork but the knots are more delicate and intricate and the metallic elements within the yarn give it a rich detailed finish. It is perfect for decorative items below we are going to highlight 4 projects you might like to try.

Beautiful necklace

This beautiful necklace is a great example of something to do with our lurex cord. The metallic polyester gives it an authentic look matching traditional metalwork jewelry. The tiny 2mm gauge thickness allows you to knot it very smoothly together and create beautiful spirals and swirls.

Boho earrings

Much like the necklace you can make earrings, such as these where once again the lurex really catches the light and gives them a shiny metallic look. You could even try making miniature dream catcher-style earrings.

Mini macrame bag

This mini-bag macramé design is great to use as a gift bag, or purse and its dimensions are perfect for a phone case. The tassels look fab with the tiny 2mm threads combed out. It is a quick and easy project suitable for beginners. The lurex gives it a beautiful finish and it will compliment any outfit as a must-have accessory.

Macrame keychain

Another beginner-friendly project you could try that doesn’t take very long to get done is a keychain. Why not make one with our lurex macrame cord to give it a little extra sparkle and interest.

Where to buy lurex cord?

As with most craft supplies these days you can get your hands on them at most big box stores. But for macrame that lays smoothly, you want to source the best. 

Because macrame is done with your hands it is important you know what materials you are working with and that they are safe.

For these reasons it is best to seek out a macrame resource specialist that can guarantee the product is suitable for macrame projects.

All MeriWoolArt products are OEKO-TEX certified. We have a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes available. Ordering with us is a breeze. An account can be made in a matter of minutes. So why not sign up and get shopping for your next piece?