Mini macrame cord

If you are looking to make smaller projects such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings then you will love our mini macrame cord. 

The same durable strength and viscose flexibility afforded to our larger sizes in a miniature form to make delicate, intricately beautiful mini macrame projects.


The material

At MeriWoolArt we know macramé, so we always use a high cotton content in our cords. We also like to feel that we are doing our bit for the environment and so the cotton we use in our mini macrame cord is 85% recycled and better for the planet.

We know that maramé can take its toll on your hands and so for added softness we use a 15% viscose blend. This makes the cord smooth, far more supple, and easier to work with. It is less prone to tangling and easier to untie too.

Our mini macrame cord is only 2mm thick but can be frayed easily and combs out beautifully into some of the finest threads. For this reason, it makes stunning feathers, tassels, and fringes to add to your designs.

The size and colors

The size as we have said is 2mm, it comes in a longer length than our thicker options at 250 meters. There are ten gorgeous shades to choose from each dyed with non-harmful substances to keep our products OEKO-TEX compliant and safe to use.

Mini macrame DIY projects

There is no end to what our mini macramé cord can be used for. Despite being created with smaller fiddly pieces in mind it can be used to make giant wall hangings if you have the patience. 

When knotted together into large pieces it provides impressive tensile strength and so any project you can make with a large cord can be made with a mini cord if you adapt the design. 

That said, a mini macrame cord is typically more commonly used for jewelry and decorative work. Here are some project examples that you could try making with MeriWoolArt mini macrame cord

Mini macrame plant hanger 

Our mini macramé is deceptively strong, so it can be used for weight-bearing projects like this simple beginner’s mini macramé plant hanger. It is an easy project for beginners, and plenty of fun for someone more experienced at macrame too. 

Mini macrame wall hanging

Although a wall hanging is considered a big project that you would tend to buy a thicker cord for, the results of using a mini macramé cord can often be quite exquisite. If you are looking for a longer project or something a little more challenging why not try a mini macrame wall hanging.

Mini macrame dream catcher

Macrame dream catchers are a beautiful staple macrame project. The designs can be as intricate or simple as you want and they provide the perfect opportunity to practice fringing or feather work as well. 

Mini macrame tote bag

A tote bag is a great beginner project, and not too time-consuming if you crochet larger holes. Our mini macramé cord is ideal for projects like this and will provide enough strength to carry your groceries.

Where to buy mini macrame cord?

There are a wealth of different places to get yourself macramé supplies, both in-store and online. Not all stockists will have a mini macramé cord option some only stock from 3mm and above. Our mini macramé cord measures 2mm which can make a difference for jewelry work with beading.

We always recommend finding a dedicated macramé supplies vendor, so that you know the yarn, string, cord, or rope advertised will be suitable for your needs.

At MeriWoolArt we try to be conscious sellers, which is why we choose to import recycled cotton and we only want to sell products we are proud to use ourselves in our own macrame projects. Everything meets OEKO-TEX standards to give our customers extra reassurance and it is simple to order what you want through us. An account takes minutes to set up and then you are free to shop right away.


What size cord is best for macrame?

The majority of macramé is made using 4 or 6mm cords with the exception of jewelry, which requires a thinner option. Likewise, you may want a bigger size for larger pieces; 7mm+.

2mm can be fiddly to work with if you are just practicing knots, try a 6mm macramé rope until you want a challenge.

Is macrame hard to learn?

On the surface, macramé seems tough but you can create some really cool pieces with just a few simple knots learned.

What is macrame cord called?

Macrame cord is often sold using a variety of descriptive names which can lead to confusion. You may hear it referred to as macrame rope, string, or yarn.

What type of yarn is best for macrame?

A single twist rope or cord is often considered the best. It is easier to work with and to untwist, this means it can be used in many different ways. Some prefer a traditional 3-ply.

What should I buy to start macrame?

To start crafting with macramé you need a few extra bits and pieces in addition to the cord. It’s a good idea to have the following to hand;

  • A macramé board
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Embroidery needle
  • Crochet hook
  • Mounting cords and rings

What can be made with macrame?

You can make a variety of home decor projects such as throws, cushions, curtains, wall hangings, dream catchers, and plant hangers. Or wearable items and accessories like bags, belts, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Once you learn the art of macramé you can pretty much make whatever you like!

What is the most common macrame product?

A dream catcher or plant hanger is a popular macrame project, especially among beginners.