3 Ply Cotton Rope Macramé 6 mm

Are you looking to purchase some 3 ply cotton rope macramé lovers?

If so, then you have come to the right place, we stock a good variety of colors in different sizes at MeriWoolArt.

If you are brand new to macramé then you will undoubtedly have a few questions, which we have done our best to answer for you. 3 ply is a favorable option and makes for some great creative projects. 

Read on to find out why...


What is 3 Ply Cotton Rope Macramé?

3 Ply cotton rope is a type of macramé cord made from cotton that has 3 individual threads within the rope itself. It is stronger than conventional string, ideal for pieces that will need to bear any weight. It also has a cute waviness to it when you untwist the rope that can be used to create a curly fringe for your project.

The Material

MeriWoolArt 3 ply cotton rope is made using 85% recycled cotton with added viscose. The viscose makes it supple and ensures that it knots together easily.

We source recycled cotton to help keep our products sustainably sourced and do our little bit for the planet. Each of the three threads is made up of fine pressed fibers giving it great durability.

The Size and Colors

Our 3-ply rope comes in 4 or 6mm sizes and there are 20 great shades of color to choose from, many of which have been chosen to complement one another well if you want to mix and match tones for a macramé piece. 

Why Use 3 Ply Cotton Rope Macramé?

It has great strength because it is formed with 3 individual threads each made up of further fibers. It can be easily undone; you can add beads to just one of the individual cords within it which make for interesting macramé pieces. It is much easier to untangle.

Our 3 ply is made with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified recycled cotton firmly twisted and rolled onto a sturdy spool. The quality guarantees that it is tear-proof as well as pill and fray-resistant.

Macramé Project Ideas

The macramé projects you can do with this product are only as limited as your imagination. 3 ply cotton rope is ideal for the majority of knotting techniques. It is suitable for beginners and professionals alike to work with. Here are some ideas for projects to try, for more you can head over to our blog or get googling. 

  • Wall hanging

  • Plant hanger

  • Mesh bag

  • Table runner 
  • Dream catcher

Where To Get 3 Ply Cotton Rope Macramé?

Although many big-box stores stock craft supplies, we can’t stress the importance of sourcing good materials if you want a professional-looking finished piece.

If you are just starting to learn then you will want cheaper solutions to practice with. That said the higher quality options are typically easier to untie and you may find you need to whilst you are honing your skills.

At the end of the day, how much you spend and the materials you use will depend on how serious you are about your hobby or craft.

Here at MeriWoolArt, we stock high-quality macramé cords and ropes manufactured to a high degree and compliant with OEKO-TEX standards. We are macramé artists and proud of our products. If you want to order with us, simply create an account in a few easy steps and get shopping.


  • What kind of cord is used for macramé jewelry?

A 2-3mm 3 ply or single twist would be best for jewelry as it provides better strength and is easier to thread or unthread. 3 ply allows for interesting beadwork as you can pull it apart at certain points along the way.

  • Is cotton cord the same as macramé cord?

Many macramé cords are made from cotton but not all. If you are unsure about whether the cotton cord in question is suitable for macramé buy from a specialist supplier.

  • Can you use cotton yarn for macramé?

Yes cotton yarn works for macramé, not all yarns are as good as the next though and the quality of the yarn makes a huge difference to your finished project.

  • What is the best cord for macramé?

The best cord for macramé is generally considered to be a single twist rope or cord as it is easier to work with and can be used in a variety of ways.

  • What size cord do I need for 6mm beads?

That depends if the bead measures 6mm or if its hole measures 6mm. If it is the latter then a 5mm cord would be best suited to the project.

  • Is macramé cord the same as yarn?

Yarn is a bit more of a catch-all term, so it is difficult to say. There are many yarns suitable for macramé but a macramé cord is twisted or braided in the ideal way to make the knotting, knitting, and combing techniques work well.

  • Can you knit with a macramé cord?

Yes. You can knit and crochet with a macramé cord. Although some of the bigger ropes with denser fibers are less suitable.

  • Is string made from cotton?

String can be made from a variety of materials, some are cotton-based or exclusively cotton.

  • Is macramé the same as crochet?

Whilst the two share many similarities such as materials and tools, they are two distinct textile artforms. But it is fair to say that if you already know one the other may be easier to pick up and some of the skills are transferable.

  • Is jute good for macramé?

Jute is a good inexpensive, natural alternative to cotton. It has less flexibility and lower quality and can fall apart if you pull tightly but high-quality macramé jute works for most projects.

  • What kind of rope do you use for macramé?

This is a misinformed but frequently asked question. Macramé rope goes by many names, ropes are traditionally considered the macramé cords which have a denser constitution with 6 or more threads. But you can use just about anything to make a macramé piece. Some products are better suited than others. A single twist rope for example lays more smoothly for a wall hanging and combs beautifully.

The material preferred is usually cotton but they can be made from a whole host of different materials both natural and man-made.

  • What size cord is best for macramé?

Most projects tend to be 4-6mm thicknesses but jewelry, for example, will be a thinner option and large pieces may require a bigger size; 7mm+.

If you are a beginner it can be fiddly with a small thread, for practicing knots and starting out try a 6mm macramé rope.

  • Can you use cotton twine for macramé?

Yes. Twine is another name that string gets given. It is fine for macramé projects but we still stress that if you are looking to sell your finished pieces you will likely want to consider how the twine/string/cord/rope is made. 

Some techniques require you to pull apart the threads if it is braided heavily, or doesn’t have the right number of threads inside you may find some techniques aren’t possible to recreate.