Single Twisted Macrame Cords

When it comes to macramé supplies it doesn’t get much more basic than a single twist rope or cord. With the perfect properties for a variety of macramé techniques and flexibility that is forgiving on the hands, it is idyllic for a range of crafting projects and the best place to start.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an old hand, every macramé kit needs a few spools of single-twist in it. We are huge macramé enthusiasts and stock a great variety of high-quality options to choose from so read on and find out why you should buy with MeriWoolArt.

Discover macramé craft making with our modern, ultra-fine, and soft macramé rope. See your creative ideas come to life!


What is a single twisted macrame rope?

Single twisted macramé rope (or cord) is twisted once, as the name implies. Some traditional ropes will be twisted and doubled back for strength. For macramé purposes, this doesn’t work quite so well. You need the right rope for the desired effect. 

The single twisted cord is much more supple and pliable, ideal for soft projects making it perfect for macramé crafts.

Discover macramé craft making with our modern, ultra-fine, and soft macramé rope. See your creative ideas come to life!

The Material

We only source the best materials at MeriWoolArt. Sustainability is important to us so all of our macramé ropes are made using 85% recycled cotton. 

The cotton has an upgraded 15% viscose blend. This gives the fabric a better consistency and the extra suppleness required for intricate knotwork.

We steer away from polyesters and other low-quality materials. That way you get a product that is durable to work with and your projects last. 

Our rope meets the OEKO-TEX Standard. Meaning that no harmful substances are involved in the manufacturing process. Something deeply important to us as our customers will be using their hands to create.

Our single twist features 40 ultra-soft fibers and is slightly thinner for finer works. Easy to work with and softer on your hands, it makes for a great beginner’s resource to learn the art of macramé.

The Size and Colors

Our single twisted macramé cord is 4mm thick. It comes in a new longer length adding value for money. It is neatly spun on a sturdy 225-meter spool weighing 500 grams, giving you plenty of material for any project. 

We currently stock 20 gorgeous colors including your classic grey, white, or black rope as well as natural autumnal shades. We also have more vibrant hues to brighten up your macramé, knotting, and knitting projects.

Macrame Projects With Single Twist Macrame Cord

Single twist rope is suitable for many types of macramé projects. The softness it provides makes it highly versatile. Try it for crochet, weaving, arm knitting, children's clothes, and even wall hanging tapestries for your home. 

It is delicate enough to make great fringes when it’s unraveled. You can even achieve a feather aesthetic by separating the thread with a comb. Despite its thin size, it remains durable enough to knot together to bear weight for plant hangers.

There are lots of fun projects for younger macramé enthusiasts too, such as making pretty dream catchers and other room decors. 

Even if you are a beginner, a single twist rope is easy to use to make your own decorative projects. Be it as simple as a necklace or as complex as basket weaving. The DIY possibilities are limitless. 

Where Can You Buy Single Twisted Macrame Rope?

You should always purchase from a specific supplier to make sure you get a high-quality product fit for your purpose. 

Many online sellers push a regular rope, string, twine, and cordage that won’t give you the desired result. If you want to make a meaningful gift or start selling your crafts then you will need to source a high-quality provider to get the best results. 

We only supply OEKO-TEX certified, environmentally friendly materials. Buying with MeriWoolArt is an easy process. You can relax knowing that we love macramé just as you do and only stock the best. 

Set up a user account in a matter of minutes. Browse through the beautiful, extensive range of single twist ropes we have here at MeriWoolArt and place an order in just a few clicks.

MeriWoolArt single twisted macramé rope is as good as it gets. Get those projects out of your head and into your hands today!


  • What is the most common macrame product?

Macramé cords and ropes, some with a lurex or viscose blend. They come in a range of sizes featuring different numbers of twists, braiding, or twist methods.

  • What supplies do I need to macrame?

The tools you need will vary according to the project but a good starters kit would include;

  • Mounting cords with rings to hold them
  • A macramé board
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Cording
  • Embroidery needle
  • Crochet hook
  • What size cord should I use for macrame?

3mm and upwards is preferable. But it depends on the project you have in mind.

  • Can you use any cord for macrame?

Most prefer high-quality cotton cords. They are easier to unravel if a mistake is made and can be combed out to make fringing.

  • What is the difference between a macrame cord and rope? 

Talking in technical terms only, macramé rope is usually made with 3 strands and is often referred to as ‘3-ply’. Cord tends to be braided with 6 strands. A staple in the '70s/'80s that was harder on the hands. Modern macramé materials aren’t braided that way so the words are somewhat interchangeable.